Black and White Inspired Bathroom Remodeling: Is it a Good Choice?

Although many fashion and colour trends in bathroom decor come and go on the lists of each season’s most desirable styles, black and white inspired decor never seems to fade in terms of popularity. Countless design and decorative modes, from traditional classic and stately heritage to modern minimalist and contemporary chic focus on a black and white presentation for creating a pleasing and artful interior environment. Especially since white is actually all colours of the spectrum mixed together and black is the absence of all colours, these two dynamic forms of visible coloration are strongly and equally opposed.

When used together as the two major elements of visual dynamics in an expression of viewed tonalities such as in room decor, what we know as the “colours” of black and white are the most expressive opposites that we can perceive and relate to, and pleasingly so, according to the ongoing demand for black and white furnishings, decor and accessories today.

Is Black and White Inspired Bathroom Remodeling the Ideal Choice for Your Bath?

As you browse through current interior design and updated decor website visuals or visit your local home design stores to see their latest displays, you will realize just how strongly black and white colour schemes have prevailed over the last few seasons. When examining drawings and photos of design trends during different fashion periods in history and discussing your current plans for home bathroom remodeling with your interior designer, you will understand just how powerful the lasting combination of black and white continues to be. Popular stylistic trends that always seem to attract attention and praise from interior designers and homeowners alike include the following:

  • Diamonds Are Forever. – This fascinating and captivating style in bathroom decor combines the ageless, classic diamond patterned black and white flooring design formed with myriad small hexagonal porcelain tiles seamlessly with sleek, glossy white modern subway wall tiling. The large, deep bathtub has the ultra-modern chic allure of a pristine white enameled interior and a stark black enameled exterior as it stands firmly on traditional lion’s feet that were all the rage many years past. The high-standing white porcelain basin sits sedately on a black and white swirl patterned marble vanity countertop from the 1920’s. The streamlined vanity body is fashioned from smooth timber beams coated with a shimmering ebony enamel finish sparkled with small bits of mica smoothly mixed with the final coating.
  • Art Deco-Industrial Fusion. – When the distinctive creative elegance of the 1940’s Art Deco is cleverly combined with touches of the stark industrial style of decor, bathroom interiors assume a unique sense of a stylistic rebirth. Starting with a black and white checkerboard floor made of large stone or concrete tiles, the room’s decor includes the grounded strength yet graceful elegance and artistic levity of an oval shaped porcelain bathtub placed just below a row of plain, small-paned windows of a rather bleak, industrial style. Yet, lit by sleek, tulip-fluted Deco style sconce lighting on the walls bordering the windows and complemented by the simple goose-necked piping of the tub and basin tapware, the windows capture a lighthearted ambiance that embraces the overall room’s decor.

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