Benchtops and Laminates: Choosing the Right Patterns and Colours

Benchtops and laminates are important elements of kitchen and bathroom decor today. With such a wide assortment of laminates available on the market, selecting the right one may be a bit confusing at times. After all, colours ranges from white to black with numerous shades in between while the patterns include wood grain, lightly textured, smooth and stone choices. To add to the dilemma of making the right decision, you also can choose between matt and gloss finishes. On top of this, there are various profiles of benchtops from which to make your selection.

How to Select the Ideal Pattern of Laminate

Consider the texture or pattern on your cabinetry when you start to select the pattern of your laminate. You will need to be certain that the both elements complement each other. When cabinetry contains a wood grain, you may find that a stone, lightly textured or smooth laminate may be more complementary than when you try to match it with a wood grain in a laminate. Of course, if your cabinets contain a plain finish without pattern or texture, a wood-grain laminate may be ideal for your needs.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Colour of Laminate

Consider which colour will blend or complement the rest of the room’s decor in the best manner. You can select from various shades of white, cream, tan, brown, grey, blue, green, yellow, orange and even black. While some come in the heavily patterned wood grain or stone, other ones come in the lightly patterned or smooth-patterned options.

The Difference between Matt and Gloss Finishes

The main difference between matt and gloss finishes is the fact of light reflection. Matt finishes have a dull appearance since the light does not bounce back into the room from them. Gloss finishes shine in the light since they reflect the light back into the room. Which choice is right for you, comes down to your own personal preference. Examine the samples closely before making your final decision.

A Brief Explanation of Benchtop Profiles

The profile of a benchtop signifies its edge and in some cases, its thickness. While there are various profiles, not all of them come in every colour and pattern. Examples of these profiles include:

  • Square Edge Laminate
  • 10/10 Radius
  • 1-mm Square Edge
  • 2-mm Square Edge
  • 90-degrees 10-mm Radius
  • 90-degrees 6-mm Radius
  • Tight Form

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