A child friendly kitchen can really change your world and theirs

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home, and your children will spend a lot of time there as well. Why wouldn’t you want it to be a friendly and safe environment for them? This will eliminate a lot of your anxiety when they are in the area having to watch their every move, and it will greatly reduce accidents. There are so many options available for you to make the kitchen one of their favourite places too.

Create a kid zone. For instance, the addition of an island is a great kid friendly option. You get one end for your work zone and they have one end that is all theirs. Using shallow basins is also a good rule of thumb.

Microwave drawers can be excellent for children old enough to use a microwave but not quite tall enough to reach an ordinary placing. While children will still need monitoring, this is a great idea for building self-dependence. You may opt instead to place it at the end of the island hence keeping them out of your main work area.

Some people even add lower refrigerator doors or mini refrigerator’s for added connivance and child accessibility. Children love knowing things are done special for them, and it helps you a lot too.

Countertops play a role in kid friendliness as well. One of the favourites is a Corian surface. This is a stain resistant and beautifully crafted surface great for moms and kids alike. Silestone and Microban surfaces are also fantastic options.

You may want to opt for a cool surface cook top as well. Look, priceless memories are made in the heart of your home, and most people consider the kitchen as just that. A company like Champagne Finish can help. These are friendly and affordable professionals who cover it all from A to Z, and they promise a hassle free job well done on your budget.

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