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Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne: Sophisticated, Kitchen Renovation Designs Using Black Caesarstone Countertops

May 1, 2019

When your goal is a sophisticated, kitchen renovation design, there is nothing that helps you accomplish this better than the inclusion of black Caesarstone countertops. For years now, homeowners have been going dark with their kitchen countertops to make a bold statement, but when you choose black as the colour, it also adds a dramatic, sophisticated ambiance. This, along with the high durability of Caesarstone, you have countertops that are extremely functional, durable and attractive. Also, these countertops complement all styles of kitchens from highly modern to traditional ones. Explore our examples below to learn about some favourable combinations using these kitchen countertops.

Sleek, Light-Coloured Cabinetry With Black Caesarstone Countertops

To achieve a modern look, install minimalist cabinetry in light shades of stained wood or painted wood along with the countertops of either Jet Black 3100 or Vanilla Noir 5100 Caesarstone. While some homeowners prefer the first black for its simplicity, other select the latter for its light vein patterns.

Decorative, Traditional Cabinets Combined With Black Caesarstone Countertops

The Vanilla Noir 5100 version of the black Caesarstone is ideal to enhance traditional cabinetry. Regardless of the designs of the cabinets, this black helps to accomplish an attractive, traditional style for the kitchen that you can live with comfortably day after day.

Pressed Metal Splashbacks and Black Caesarstone Countertops Create a Unique Look

An eye-catching combination to include in your kitchen is the countertops of black Caesarstone and pressed metal splashbacks. Various designs are available in the latter, and they can complement a wide range of kitchens styles.

Black and White Is Still Highly Popular in Kitchen Designs

Kitchens with white cabinets and black countertops of Caesarstone are not always retro in style. They also can be quite elegant and sophisticated with the rate details.

All Black Kitchens Create a Dramatic Atmosphere

If dark is your thing, install black cabinets along with one of the black options or Caesarstone countertops. You will make a dramatic and even a sultry statement with this combination.

Any Shade of Cabinets Blends Well With These Countertops

Since black is a neutral shade, black countertops will go with any cabinet colour out there. In natural wood, these countertops will enhance ash, oak, cherry or any other type of timber that you can think of in an ideal fashion. In addition, you can use it with any paint shade from pure white to gray or black.

To learn further details about sophisticated, kitchen renovation designs using black Caesarstone countertops, contact our company of Champagne Finish. We specialise is custom kitchens, bathrooms, alfresco areas, laundries and more.

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