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Balancing Efficiency and Aesthetics for Laundry Room Renovations

March 20, 2019

When planning your laundry room remodel, you must concentrate on both functionality and appearance to receive the ideal results. You also should not put so much into the appearance of it that you lose the efficiency of this room. Instead, you should balance efficiency and aesthetics to wind up with a laundry room that completely serves your needs but adds to the attractiveness of your house at the same time. Below, we share some suggestions of features that help you accomplish this goal.

Custom Cabinets Offer Sufficient Storage in an Eye-Catching Fashion

All different types of configurations are possible with custom cabinets in your laundry. Regardless of the one you select to install in this room, the cabinets will fit perfectly since they are made to your unique measurements. In addition, you choose the design and the finish of the cabinets.

Durable, Attractive Countertops Provide Convenient Work Surfaces

Various colours, patterns and materials are available for countertops for your laundry. While some are highly durable for this, others may take a bit of special care. Choose one that takes the least maintenance, such as engineered quartz, to ensure that your countertops will stay functional and attractive for years without a lot of hassle.

Double up on Washing Machines and Dryers If You Have a Large Family

Laundry can be an uphill battle with any size of family, but with a large one, it can be an unwinnable battle as well. To answer this dilemma in the latter scenario, install two washing machines and two dryers if space allows. You can choose to use the stacking versions or the side-by-side ones to set up your laundry room to wash and dry twice as many clothes at the same time.

Create a Multi-Purpose Laundry Room

Another way to balance the efficiency and aesthetics with a laundry room renovation is to create a multi-functional room. Include your sewing machine in this room so that you can do the mending as you discover the issues with your clothes for just one suggestion. As a result, you may save space in other parts of your home for additional activities.

Add Special Conveniences

Install special features, such as a pull-down ironing board and storage cabinet. When you are not ironing clothes, you can hide the ironing board in the cabinet along with your iron. Shelves that roll out from in between the washing machine and dryer are another example of this idea.

For further ways to balance efficiency and aesthetics for laundry room renovations, contact Champagne Finish. Laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and alfresco areas are our specialties. We also offer complete design services along with quality project management.

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