Project 1085

Project 1085

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Through a powder room and two bathrooms, this project creates simple but elegant spaces through a variety of finishes and fixtures.

Warm tones are brought into the powder room through oak joinery. Creating a statement wall through a tall cabinet with open box shelf, the rest of the room is covered in grey tiles. The backlit mirror and light in the cabinet add extra sources of lighting, brightening the room to show off the combination of warm and cool tones. The simple white wall basin placed on the timber block allows for max space whilst moving around in the small space.

Statuario Silver benchtops bring a dramatic mixture of grey tones into each bathroom. Paired with white subway tiles and grey tiles in the main bathroom, the grey tones from the benchtop are carried throughout the space. White tiles create a feature wall behind the vanity in the ensuite, making the wall a statement as you walk into the room. Issy Oval Shaving Cabinet mirrors are hung above the double vanity, with a pendant in the middle separating the two sides. Grey tiles are used on the floor and remaining walls, continuing the grey tones from the benchtop. White fingerpull joinery creates a simple vanity that doesn’t distract from the other finishes in each room.

Chrome tapware and white basins throughout the rooms allows for the stone and timber to be the statement piece in each space.

These bathrooms create calming spaces in this house, through the cool finishes palette and fixtures chosen.


Check out each of the rooms below by clicking on the photo. Each room goes into detail about the finishes and fixtures.