The Most Common Bathroom Redesign Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Over the years, a bathroom begins to show the constant traffic it receives each day, and this rundown condition calls for a professional redesign. A redesign will return your bathroom back to the attractive, functional condition that it once was in back when you first moved into your house. Before you begin on a bathroom remodel with us, though, you should read our list of the most common bathroom redesign mistakes that a number of homeowners make each year to help you avoid the same issues.

1. Hiring an Unscrupulous Contractor

Many homeowners each year fall prey to unscrupulous contractors. Contractors such as these take money from homeowners only not to deliver a quality remodel job. At times, they charge homeowners upfront before they ever start the job and then, will not finish the job or just skip town without doing any work at all. Never pay a contractor the entire price of the redesign upfront. Only pay a deposit and require that work proceeds on schedule before any other money changes hands. In addition, always research into the background and reputation of a contractor before your hire one.

2. Receiving an Estimate Instead of a Quote for Labour and Materials

Another major mistake homeowners make with a bathroom remodel is that they receive an estimate in place of a quote for labour and materials. An estimate will precisely pinpoint the actual cost or your redesign project. A reputable contractor will provide you with an accurate, written quote, so there are no surprises.

3. Setting an Unrealistic Budget

Do not delude yourself when you set your budget for the remodel. Ensure that you allot a bit more money than the quote calls for just in case there are issues or changes in the design plan once the project begins in your bathroom.

4. Selecting Poor-Quality Products

Homeowners often try to save money by selecting poor-quality products for inclusion in the bathroom. As a result, in a few short years, the bathroom will warrant another renovation as the poor-quality products will wear out that quickly. Do not make the same mistake with your remodel. Buy only quality products to ensure a long-lasting redesign.

5. Ignoring the Lighting Needs of a Bathroom

Think about the functions of a bathroom to figure out your lighting needs in the appropriate manner. Remember that you apply makeup while looking into the bathroom mirror and the light should simulate daylight as close as possible for you to apply it right for out in the sunlight. Otherwise, your makeup will be too light or too dark. In addition, your husband requires sufficient lighting to shave by each day. All types of lighting are available today that are ideal for bathrooms.

When you truly wish to avoid all these mistakes and others, turn to Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We will guarantee you a quality bathroom redesign with lasting power.


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