Our aim is to make your dream renovation a reality whilst sticking to your budget. The best way for us to quote is to understand what design and style you want for your renovation, and how much you want to spend. We want to provide a quote that includes every aspect of the renovation – no giant extra costs once the project starts!

Negotiable vs Non Negotiable Items

What are the must have items for your renovation? It is good to have a list of items that you must have in your design, and some items you would like but aren’t vital. This way we know when designing and quoting what items to prioritise.

Breaking Down the costs

Our quotes are broken down into categories so that you understand exactly what you are paying for in your renovation. Each category is then broken down with each individual item that will be completed – i.e. Electrical is broken down into “Downlights”, “Clipsal Classic – D/GPO” etc.

We want to be as transparent as we can since renovating is an expensive adventure. We find understanding exactly how much you are spending on plumbing or tiling etc. can make you feel more confident in your renovation.

PC (Prime Cost) Items

When you receive your quote, you will find a list of Prime Cost Items. A Prime Cost is the amount of money to supply a certain item. An example is tapware for a bathroom or kitchen. The prices listed are the cost of the individual item, whilst the cost for labour and installation of the item are listed under the Plumbing section.

We list these items so that you know how much they are if you wish to change the product. We try to finalise all the selections before signing contracts so that there are no additional costs after starting.

Cutting Down Costs

Often we get asked where costs can be cut down. Whilst we want to create your dream renovation, it can be difficult to create the design and style depending on your budget. Understanding your budget from the beginning of the process can help us pick products that are affordable. The main areas we can recommend to cut costs are cabinetry, tiling, fixtures and benchtops. Unfortunately, these items are often the parts that make the renovation the style you want. We try to pick the most affordable items to create the look that you want, whilst still providing quality products.

Trades are the hardest area to bring the costs down. However, with the professional workmanship of our trades it is worth the cost. We have sub contractors who we have worked with for 10+ years, and the best part is that you don’t have to source them yourself. By completing your renovation with us, all the pressure of the process is taken off your shoulders.

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Whether you know exactly what style you like, or need a bit of help, we’re here to help you design the best renovation for your home! Get in touch with us on 03 9885 0412 or book your free in-home consultation.

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