Interior Design Ideas for The Modern Home

When it comes to interior design and room layout, a lot has changed over the years, especially with regards to taste and the number or type of décor made available. The world of interior design is an ever-expanding and highly fluid one, with concepts and ideas that run the gamut from the extremely minimalist to the highly overblown and ornate.

Most modern takes on home interior design have lately evolved into distinct styles all with their own unique aesthetic rules. This does not mean however that you have to stick to conventional home décor, since there are many eclectic yet nevertheless charming ways to beautify your home. If you’re looking for interior design ideas for the modern home, here are some great tips for you:

Modern Interior Design – Deciding How To Decorate Your Home

Have you been contemplating on redecorating your home? Simply sticking to basics may not always make for a good interior design concept. While interior design magazines and websites may advise sticking to a consistent theme all throughout, most modern homes that have a touch of the eclectic often possess more charm than well-done or perfectly executed homes revolving around themes.

Most people of late have forgotten the whole concept of a ‘shabby chic’ home in the bid for polished, perfect interiors, so much so that a home actually loses its character. One of the best foundations of interior design ideas for the modern home has everything to do with character.

Here’s how you can execute a simple few ideas in your own home:

Consider shabby chic – shabby chic is something of an outdated term these days. In a nutshell, it is basically a subsidiary of the arts-and-crafts movement of the early to late 90s that emphasized a reliance on personal touch as basic foundations for home décor.

Try mix-and-matching – not generally a good idea for some, going eclectic and mixing and matching home décor, to best represent your personality or the combined personalities and tastes of your household, not only helps to add charm and character to your home, but cements one of the most important pillars of a household – homeliness.

Opt for the exotic – most homes could use a little jazzing up, so why don’t you consider opting for some exotic décor from various cultures and demographics to add a little touch of international flair to your home? Aside from being a tasteful approach to décor that cements your cultured aptitudes, exotic décor blends well with nearly every type of home décor imaginable, making it quite versatile.


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