Five Things to Keep in Mind When Planning for Bathroom and Kitchen Customisation

Since bathrooms and kitchens are the most used rooms in the home, you must plan their layout and inclusions carefully to ensure that they fulfil your needs in an ideal manner. The design stage of a new construction or renovation project is stressful, though, when you do not understand all the considerations that you need to think about for with your project. To reduce this anxiety, we offer five things to keep in mind when planning for bathroom and kitchen customisation options.

1. Think of the Functionality of the Rooms

Consider how functional that you require each room to be for you before proceeding with the rest of the plans. One example of this is when you are an avid cook or baker and require a spacious work area in the kitchen as far as benchtops go or even an island. Another example is when you require the addition of safety bars to the room since you or other family members suffer from mobility issues.

2. Select the Type of Benchtop Will Best Suit Your Lifestyle and Decor

There is a wide assortment of benchtops to select from today and this makes choosing one confusing at times. You should choose the type of benchtop material that suits not only your decor but also your lifestyle. If your life is non-hectic, you may not mind the maintenance that the granite and marble benchtops call for on a regular basis, such as re-applying a sealant to protect these materials from stains. However, when you lead a busy life, you may prefer quartz benchtops for their low-maintenance nature since they do not require sealing due to the fact that they are non-porous in nature.

3. Choose a Flooring That Is Slip Resistant

Your flooring option in the bathroom should be slip-resistant to prevent falls from walking with damp feet. In most cases, this same type of flooring will be right in the kitchen if you so desire. A number of different styles and materials are available in this type of flooring.

4. Install Adequate Lighting

Each of these rooms require effective illumination sources. Suggestions for kitchens include under the counter task lights to ensure you can see to prep food and overhead fixtures for navigating the room. Your lighting needs for the bathroom include fixtures on each side of the mirror to provide adequate illumination for grooming purposes, soft lighting options to set the mood for a relaxing soak in the tub and overhead fixtures so you can see where you are walking.

5. Combine Colours in a Complementary Fashion

When you select your colour scheme in the kitchen and bathroom, be certain that all the shades blend together in an eye-pleasing manner. In addition, light shades in the bathroom will add to the relaxing atmosphere while brighter shades in the kitchen will provide an energising ambiance.

For further details about considerations to think about when you are planning for bathroom and kitchen customisation options, contact Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We provide you with quality results in both of these rooms in order to meet or exceed your expectations.


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