Facelift Your Outdoor Kitchen with Champagne Finish

After years of use, your outdoor kitchen may require a facelift to restore its ideal condition and functionality. If this fits your situation at present, you have come to the right place for a quality renovation. Champagne Finish specialises in alfresco areas along with other types of home construction and remodeling projects. We will refurbish your alfresco kitchen and area to return it to an attractive, usable room that extends your house into your backyard.

We Will Repair or Replace Cabinetry

At times, we only need to repair the existing cabinets, but you may require new custom cabinetry if the damage is too severe. Remember that you want the remodeling results to last for years in order for you to receive an equitable return on your investment.

Our Experts Can Polish and Refinish Existing Countertops

Your countertops may only need a bit of polishing and resealing to restore their condition back to what it should be for your alfresco kitchen. When they are beyond hope, though, we will custom fit new ones to your cabinets. You can select from natural stone, stainless steel, timber or laminate ones in a variety of patterns and colours.

Turn to Us for the Latest Alfresco Grilling and Cooking Equipment

If your equipment for cooking and grilling is broken or unsafe, we will advise you on the latest models that will provide you with ideal results each time you use the equipment. Grills and other outdoor gear have seen a number of different innovations over the years.

Clean up is a Breeze with a New Sink and Updated Tapware

Improve the clean-up area with a new sink and the latest in tapware that our company has to offer you. Stainless steel elements in this area stand up to the elements quite well for you.

Update Your Lighting With Energy-Saving Options

Light up your outdoor kitchen with energy-saving options, such as LED light strings and bulbs. This type of lighting provides effective illumination in an affordable, long-lasting manner.

Add New Accessories to Enhance Your Alfresco Area’s Functionality and Comfort

Champagne Finish also will help you add the right accessories to enhance your outdoor room and kitchen to increase its comfort and functionality. Items may include couches, chairs, tables and a fire pit.

For in-depth details beyond the information above, contact us here at Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We are experts in construction and renovation and will perform a quality facelift on your outdoor kitchen to restore it back to an ideal condition.


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