Custom Vanities for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Custom vanities can take your bathroom into a whole new level of stylized design. By updating or replacing the vanity you can enhance your style with a fresh new look. In truth, a bathroom renovation will add the inspirational look of your dreams.

Renewing Your Bathroom

Over a period of time, a vanity wears out and becomes dull and lifeless. This is because a bathroom has a lot of moisture that damage to the cabinetry. If your vanity is showing signs of age, it is necessary to renew the vanity in order to restore the previous radiance. As well, a simple bathroom renovation can bring back the newness plus update the style.

Improving Bathrooms Appearance

A well-designed vanity always sets the mood of a room. A bathroom with an impressive appearance emits a reflection of grace and panache. Vanities are usually the vocal point of your bathroom and add ample organization and extra storage space. In addition, custom vanities turn your bathroom into a welcome retreat that everyone will admire. Frankly, a tasteful custom vanity will greatly improve your bathrooms appearance and complete the look.

Increased Aesthetic Value

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most lived in rooms of your house. Therefore, it makes sense to have a bathroom that you enjoy and feel comfortable in. After all, your environment is an important factor when it comes to peace of mind and well-being.

Moreover, every small addition to your home increases the aesthetic value. And when it comes to adding aesthetic value to your bathroom, a custom vanity is the ideal solution. They can be designed to match the style of your décor plus add visual worth and elegance.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

There are numerous reasons why you might need to relocate and have to sell your home such as a new job, change of school or family matters. Regardless of the reason for relocating, upgrading your home always increases the value of your home. What is more, bathrooms that are fitted with custom vanities tend to greatly increase a home’s value. In fact, the increase in value of your home may far surpass the costs of a bathroom renovation.

Cost Effective

Fitting your bathroom with a custom vanity is a cost effective solution to adding value and enhancing the style with a fresh new look. There are a variety of choices that can match your current décor such as:

Open Style – Offers extra storage and an airy ambiance.
L-Shaped – Is compact and sets neatly against the wall.
Single Style – A narrow vanity that is great for small bathrooms.
Dresser Style – Has a multipurpose function serving as a sink and storage unit.


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