Custom-Made Cabinetry Manufactured Locally in Melbourne, Australia

When you are in search of the ideal cabinetry for your house here in Melbourne, Australia, there are benefits in turning to locally manufactured custom-made cabinetry. One advantage of doing this is the fact that you can work closely with the design team to ensure that all the features of the cabinets suit your needs and preferences. In addition to this, you can select all the materials that the professionals use in the creation of your cabinets. Of course, you also are supporting a local business instead of purchasing stock cabinets that are made in a different country.

Customised Cabinets Organise Your Kitchen in an Optimal Manner

You can adjust the configuration of cabinets to fit your kitchen needs when you order custom cabinetry here in Melbourne. Stock styles will not provide you with as wide of an assortment of features in comparison to ones made according to your unique specifications and preferences.

Enhance Your Bathroom With Unique Cabinetry

The bathroom has its own storage needs and at times, stock cabinets will not fit, especially when you have one with limited space. Customised cabinetry can be made to suit your needs with a slender cabinet that goes from the floor to the ceiling while still providing you sufficient space to stock your toiletries and other items in for just one example.

Clean up the Clutter in the Laundry Room with Custom-Made Cabinets

When a laundry room is void of cabinets, it lacks organisation and can be cluttered with various supplies for washing, drying and even ironing clothes. Clean up this room by installing custom-made cabinets complete with countertops for a work area for folding and other necessary tasks. You also will gain spaces to store your laundry detergent, pre-treatment solution, iron and ironing board, bleach and other related items.

Increase the Functionality of Your Alfresco Area with Customised Cabinetry

Transform a simple alfresco area into a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with custom cabinets. This cabinetry is the foundation for other inclusions such as countertops, a grill, a sink and possibly a refrigerator. You can design the cabinets to store all your grilling and outdoor cooking tools to enable you to entertain your family members and friends in high style when the weather permits.

For further facts about the many benefits of custom made cabinetry manufactured locally in Melbourne, Australia, contact us here at Champagne Finish Bathrooms & Kitchens. We provide you with quality cabinets according to your needs and specifications.


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