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Upper Cabinets or Open Kitchen Shelving? Know What Is Best for Your Kitchen Renovation

March 11, 2019

If you are planning a kitchen remodel in the near future, one decision that you will need to make is whether to have traditional upper cabinets with doors or open shelving. While both provide valuable storage options, they do differ from one another in their characteristics. You need to understand their differences to decide which one you can truly live with each day comfortably. For this reason, we share information about each of these kitchen storage options in the following details.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Upper Cabinets

• The cabinet doors of traditional upper cabinets can offer significant enhancement to the kitchen décor with their colour, pattern and even hardware.

• Upper cabinets can hide unsightly, old dishes, bowls and other elements from view if they have wooden doors without glass panels.

• You can select a different finish on the doors than is on the base cabinets are for flexibility in design.

• Your choices of door pulls range from highly modern to ornately formal or traditional ones, you can match them to those on your lower cabinets.

• One downside of upper cabinets is that if you have an L-shaped, U-shaped or G-shaped kitchen, the doors may bang into the other cabinets when they are in the corner.

• Another downside is that the design of the upper cabinets decreases your space since they need supports for the doors.

• Upper cabinets are more expensive than open kitchen shelving is to install in your kitchen renovation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Kitchen Shelving

• Open shelving in place of upper cabinets provides an illusion of additional space to the room since you that see to the full depth of the shelves.

• You also can show off your attractive dishware, vases, glasses, pots and pans, bowls and other non-edibles. These items lend colour, texture and personality to your kitchen.

• Your shelf-stable spices and other cooking ingredients will provide a shop-like feeling to your kitchen when you store them in open shelving instead of closed-in upper cabinets.

• The open shelving can provide you with additional storage same since there are no supports for the doors.

• Another advantage to open kitchen shelving is that it is less expensive to install in comparison to the cost upper cabinets.

• The main disadvantage of open shelving is that you must keep everything on it neatly organised or your kitchen with look sloppy and unkempt, so unless you are a neat freak, you may want the upper cabinets instead.

For further information about whether upper cabinets or open kitchen shelving is best for your kitchen renovation, turn to Champagne Finish. We create kitchens that are unique, innovative and highly functional.

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