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Rustic Bathroom Style Renovation Ideas

December 12, 2018

If you are considering a rustic style bathroom design for your new home or want a rustic bath update for your current home's bath decor, there are many attractive design options and features from which to choose today. Since rustic design and decor generally uses natural materials, colours and textures, it is highly appealing and suitable for use in bathroom interiors.

Whether you make your selection of rustic designs with the advice of your bathroom renovations expert or interior designer or according to your own personal stylistic preference and practical needs, you are sure to find the ideal rustic bathroom fashions and features to please everyone in your household.

Innovative Rustic Style Renovation Ideas to Enhance Your Bathroom Decor

The following innovative rustic style options and features will enhance your home bathroom decor while meeting or exceeding the approval of all the members of your household:

Auburn Pebble Tiling - This style of pebble tiling is handcrafted in vibrant cranberry and burgundy tones. Typically consisting of polished river rocks of a specific size, hue and shape, this tiling is formed by mounting these pebbles on a sheet of nylon mesh for future placement on bathroom floors and walls.

These stunning displays of pebble tiling are often featured around bath vanities, wall-mounted mirrors and as walling insets or entire walls of shower rooms and areas. Sliced tiling is also popular since it offers a smoother type of flooring or wall material for your rustic style bathroom.

Rustic Sliding Barn Door for Bath - This rustic wooden barn door in lustrous Tasmanian Oak or subtle Victorian Ash will make your home bathroom door a conversation piece for all your visiting family and friends. Its curious and appealing country chic design features beautifully grained and hued wood surfaces mounted on an overhead wrought iron bar and wheel track for easy opening and closing.

Although sturdy and durable, this door is fairly lightweight and easy for all members of your household to operate, including young children.

Faux Timbre Tiled Retro Walk-in Shower - This handsome retro-style, walk-in rustic shower design features large faux wood tiling of matte ceramic in varied wood hues and grains. One wall is three-quarter height, creating a charming entrance and adding space to the showering area.

The wall-mounted shower fixture is black enameled steel with detachable shower head capacity for hand-held use. Shower room flooring is of smooth half-pebbles in beautiful wilderness earth tones. This spacious, relaxing shower room adds warmth and charm to your rustic bathroom decor.

By consulting the bathroom renovations experts at Champagne Finish located in Glen Iris, Victoria, and serving the entire Melbourne area, you will enjoy the benefits of excellent advice, designs and renovations services for your rustic bathroom design and decor.

Our outstanding team of experienced builders, renovators and craftsmen will work closely with you to ensure that your updated bath meets every aspect of your vision for your unique rustic style bath.

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