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Kitchen Renovations in 2019 What's Dated and What's New in Style?

January 31, 2019

Before you plan your 2019 kitchen renovation, you need to learn what is trending this year and what is out for this year to ensure that your kitchen is as updated as possible. There are many décor elements and features that have been used over the years in kitchens that are no longer popular and will make your kitchen look out of sync with current styles. If you are like most homeowners, you probably do not keep up with any of this as part of your regular routine. That is why we are here to explain it to you in the following information.

Glossy Finishes Are Out for 2019

Finishes with a gloss sheen will take a backseat to other ones in 2019. While the highly polished look of cabinetry was appealing for a while, it is difficult to repair when scratches occur. Shiny tile work also has lost its appeal as a wall treatment.

Tiled Countertops Definitely Are Dated

Another outdated feature in a kitchen this year is the tiled countertops. The tiles are easy to clean and care for, but the grout is quite tricky and high-maintenance to take care of to ensure it keeps its ideal appearance and condition.

Open Shelving Is no Longer a Desirable Kitchen Feature

For years, open shelving in the kitchens has been all the rage, but that is no longer the case in 2019. Too many homeowners found that this feature was too hard to keep organized. The results wound up being very messy shelves for all to see.

Trending Kitchen Features in 2019

• Sultry kitchens will be in this year with such cabinet and wall colours at matte grey and matte black. These colours create a bold, moody statement that appeals to many homeowners at present.

• Mixing natural wood tones with white in kitchen cabinets also will be trending for those who do not like the sultry, moodiness of matte grey and black.

• Durable, engineered countertops of industrial style will provide you with an ‘in’ look for 2019 along with a timeless work surface in your kitchen for years to come. An example of these surfaces is the engineered quartz that is a mix of ground quartz, resin and colour. This choice is not only durable, but it also requires little, if any, maintenance.

For further details about what’s dated and what’s in style for kitchen renovations in 2019, consult with our company of Champagne Finish. We keep on top of all of this to ensure that we deliver the most updated styles to our kitchen clients.

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