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Different Trendy, Creative Splashback Designs for Kitchens

April 17, 2019

A kitchen is incomplete without splashbacks to protect the various walls in the food prep areas. When you fail to install these, your walls will develop unsightly stains from cooking residues that may never come off with any cleaning methods. As with other kitchen features, different trends come in each year for splashback designs for kitchens. To ensure you are up on at least some of this year’s trends with this kitchen inclusion, we provide you with the following examples.

Mirror Tiles

Shine light back into the kitchen by installing any size of mirror tiles that you prefer on your walls to protect them. The smaller the tiles, though, the more reflective your results will be.

Stainless Steel

A highly modern material for splashbacks is stainless steel. Not only is it resilient with heat exposure, but it also is super stain-resistant.

Use Tiles to Create Intricate Murals

It is possible to install attractive murals on your walls for protection by using specially designed tiles. Unlimited possibilities exist for this trendy splashback idea.

Pressed Metal

As in years past, pressed metal still trends this year for an interesting approach to splashbacks. Different designs are available in sections of pressed tin or other types of metal for your consideration. Just match the design to your kitchen style.

Photos Behind Toughened Glass

For a truly unique splashback, install a collage of family or other personal photos on the wall and cover it will clear toughened glass. You can create as many of these collages that you require. One thing is for sure, and that is you will not be seeing this idea in any of your neighbours’ houses since this is customised to suit only you.

Different Shapes of Tiles

Instead of rectangular or square tiles, use scalloped or other shapes of tiles that are available today. Do not settle for the standard shapes that have been used for many years. Explore the unusual ones that are on the market.

Take the Splashbacks All the Way to the Ceiling

In place of just protecting the areas of the walls just above the work surfaces, install the splashbacks all the way to the ceiling. You might need to split them into sections to work around the cabinets.

Reclaimed Wood Makes Ideal Rustic Splashbacks

Rustic kitchens call for special materials to protect their walls to ensure a continuity in style. One way to accomplish this is with reclaimed timber. Of course, you will need to add a protective finish to the wood to boost its resiliency and cleaning capability.

Turn to Champagne Finish to learn additional trendy, creative splashback designs for your kitchen. Our company stays up with the latest trends in order to deliver quality results to our clients.

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