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Bathroom Renovations: Types of Vanities to Choose From

December 7, 2017

One choice you may need to make during a bathroom renovation is what type of vanity will work and look best in your bathroom. You should factor in the size of your room along with whether one or more people will be grooming at the same time at the vanity. If you have a spacious bathroom, you might be able to choose almost any type of vanity. On the other hand, you may have limited space and be restricted as to what will look good in this room.

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Child-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas that Your Kids Will Love

December 1, 2017

As you remodel your home, do not forget about your children. Add features to your house that will help your kids enjoy your home as much as you do each day. While some of these features will help you protect your house, other ones will just be for the sake of your children. Learn additional information on child-friendly home renovation ideas that your children will love in the following facts.

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Home Renovation Fusion of Styles: Mixing Classic with the Modern

November 17, 2017

Often, homeowners have the mistaken opinion that all of their home décor styles must match in order for the house to be attractive and eye-catching. However, this opinion is not just wrong, but it can also be boring and lack uniqueness. What is more fun to do is to do a fusion of classic and modern styles to add a distinct personality to your house that will be all your own. You will never see the same look in any other house that you enter.

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Benefits of Choosing Local Australian-Made Cabinets for Your Home

November 10, 2017

If you are in the midst of planning a home remodel or construction, you should choose all of your elements with care. After all, both are major investments and all of the elements on and in them should endure years of wear in a durable, attractive fashion, including the cabinetry. The best way to ensure that your cabinetry is the right quality is to choose local Australian-made cabinets for your home.

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Home Interior Renovation Planning and Design

September 16, 2017

If you are planning a project and need advice on trending home interior planning and designs then you are in the right place. The fact is there are a lot of people going through the same thing that you are. Now, rather than scrolling through countless pages on the internet, you can get all of the results you need right here with Champagne Finish Bathrooms and Kitchens.

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Beware of Common Home Renovation Mistakes and How to Spot Them

September 6, 2017

Home-remodeling projects are ideal for updating a house to provide additional amenities or space. Homeowners often run into problems, though, by making various home renovation mistakes that cause less than favourable results.

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Flooring Options That Will Enhance Your Kitchen's Modern Design

August 25, 2017

To enhance your modern kitchen in the appropriate manner, it is important to select the ideal flooring option to complement the rest of the room’s décor in an attractive and a durable fashion. Since there are numerous choices today, this task is a bit overwhelming until you understand a bit of information about what is available to you.

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Easy Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Upgrades that will Help Increase Your Home Value

August 10, 2017

The best home building and renovation experts can provide you with excellent designs and advice concerning ideal bathroom and kitchen upgrades for increasing the value of your home. These home improvement professionals use their architectural and interior design expertise combined with fine quality workmanship to help you choose just the right changes and upgrades to make your home appreciate significantly in value.

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Differences between Thermo Formed Vinyl and Melamine Doors

July 26, 2017

When deciding on kitchen cabinet doors to best enhance the new decor of your home’s culinary preparation area and adjoining breakfast nook, you will want to consider different materials, colours, finishes and styles currently available. In terms of cost, doors that are covered in Melamine are usually the least costly, with Thermo Formed Vinyl priced somewhat higher. Generally, light colours are lower in cost than darker hues, although the door thickness and design may also affect its pricing.

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Incorporating Caesarstone in Your European Kitchen Design

July 18, 2017

Caesarstone is fine quality quartz surfacing used in high caliber European style kitchen installations. This excellent quartz material is named after the ancient city of Caesarea and the Roman Emperor, Caesar. Today, Caesarstone is used in the manufacturing of bench and countertops, splashbacks and wall panels or tiling for designing kitchen interiors. While offering beauty and allure to your kitchen's initial design or renovation, this attractive material is also very durable.

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Bathroom Design Elements That You Can Add for a More Modern Appeal

June 26, 2017

If it is time to renovate your bathroom, you may consider certain bathroom design elements to provide it with a more modern appeal and appearance. These elements are sleek and minimalist in nature while being highly functional and attractive. To learn additional facts about these elements, read the following list.

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Kitchen Design Ideas Using Caesarstone Collection and Concetto Semi-Precious Collection

June 14, 2017

Today, there are numerous materials available for your kitchen benchtops and other features, but none are as stunning and creative as the Caesarstone collection and Concetto semi-precious collection are in the kitchen. The first collection comes in a wide range of colours and patterns to ensure that you can locate one to enhance your other kitchen decor in the ideal manner without difficulty while the second collection provides unique selections that make an artistic statement in this room of the house.

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Tiled Kitchen Splashbacks Mix and Match Tricks with Your Kitchen Cabinets

May 23, 2017

The walls above the benchtops, sink and stove in your kitchen require protection before you can consider any kitchen renovation or construction completely functional. Protection such as this comes in the way of splashbacks, and you can select from a wide assortment of materials for these, but today we will be discussing the mix and match tricks that you can turn to with tiled kitchen splashbacks to highlight your kitchen cabinets, and the entire room for that fact, in a favourable manner.

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Champagne Finish Uses Polytec Products for Quality and Design

May 15, 2017

Champagne Finish uses Polytec products for its excellent quality and design. So when you are shopping for new cabinet doors, panels, benchtops and laminates for updating your home or business decor, you want only fine quality materials and excellent designs. Fortunately, you can find optimum quality in today's top designs for these products for highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness with pleasing aesthetic values.

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Caesarstone® Versus Natural Stone: What Are the Differences?

April 26, 2017

When it comes to Caesarstone® versus natural stone, you may find it difficult to choose unless you understand the differences between the two elements. Both are popular materials today for benchtops, but one may appeal to you more than the other one. To help you with the decision-making process, we provide the following facts about these elements.

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Reasons Why Champagne Finish Uses High-Quality Reece Plumbing and Bathroom Products

April 11, 2017

Since Champagne Finish strives to deliver a unique, celebratory results to each of our clients, we are careful about the materials that we turn to for their construction and renovation jobs. For this reason, we rely on the high-quality Reece plumbing and bathroom products to bring functionality and at times, ambiance to our projects. If you are not familiar with the brand of Reece, the company is the largest supplier of bathroom and plumbing products in Australia today.

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Full Service Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Contractor in Melbourne

March 29, 2017

As a well-known and respected modern bathroom and kitchen renovation contractor located in Melbourne, Champagne Finish Contracting offers extensive, full services to the city and surrounding areas. This fine quality team of designers and contractors knows the vital importance of providing complete, detailed planning and workmanship for any remodeling or renovation projects that you may need in these two essential rooms of your home.

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Free In-Home Design Consultation for Home Improvement and Renovation: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, and Al Fresco Areas

March 6, 2017

When you are planning to renovate and revitalize your home kitchen, bathroom, laundry or al fresco areas, do yourself a valuable favor by engaging the services of expert interior designers and experienced home remodeling professionals.

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euro kitchen

Reasons Why Should You Opt for Modern Euro Kitchen Appliances

February 23, 2017

Australians excel at many age-old things, however, when it comes to modern kitchen décor and appliances, there are some new things to consider when it comes time to renovate the kitchen.

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wash area

Pros and Cons of Using Marble Tiles for Your Bathroom

February 10, 2017

Smooth, pristine and elegant, marble floors have been considered a desirable luxury for centuries in many different countries. The marble baths of ancient civilizations, including Greece and Rome, are well known globally as ultimate examples of the beauty and durability of this multi-colored, useful stone of great beauty and allure.

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White Kitchens and Why They Never Go Out of Style

January 24, 2017

Over the years, there have been a number of classic designs for kitchens that last, regardless of the latest trends. A white kitchen is a prime example of this type of designs. Today, this colour scheme remains a highly popular choice with homeowners no matter what their decor style is at their house.

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Interesting Kitchen Trends for 2017

January 10, 2017

The kitchen trends for 2017 are shaking things up for the kitchen, which is a known gathering place in most residences. On top of this, the condition and decor of a kitchen can have a dramatic influence on the value of your house in case you are considering reselling it in the near future.

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