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Bathroom Design Ideas That Create a Calm Atmosphere

May 14, 2019

Over the years, bathrooms have gone from being utilitarian rooms to turning into hideaways from the stresses of daily life. As a result, homeowners strive to create a calm or Zen-like atmosphere with their bathroom designs. If you desire to achieve this same type of feeling in your bathroom, you can do so by incorporating some or all of the following bathroom design ideas.

Industrialise Your Design

You accomplish an industrial design by using light, neutral colours on the walls and floor but dark shades for the other elements in this room. The bathtub, vanity, toilet and accessories have either a true metallic makeup or they have faux metallic finishes. Some think of this approach as a bit masculine, but it is actually unisex in nature.

Make Your Bathroom a Multipurpose Room

Combine your bathroom with another room to have it serve multiple purposes. Add a workout area in one spot in the bathroom for one example of this. Another idea is a craft room when your hobby needs a water source nearby.

Install Floating Vanities

Choose floating vanities in place of floor models to achieve a calm look. These attach to the walls and leave open air underneath them. You achieve a unique effect if you install multiple ones staggered on the wall. Single ones also are ideal for a relaxing feel and look to the bathroom.

Be Extremely Minimalist in Your Décor Elements

All of your décor elements should be minimalistic in nature. Sleek, smooth lines rather than ornamentation. This helps to soothe your nerves instead of being so busy that the room excites you in place of helping you relax.

Install an Architectural Bathtub

With this style of tub, it is in a sparse metal frame. Even though it is simplistic in design, it makes a bold statement for your bathroom but in keeping with the calm atmosphere that you desire to create.

Install Two Separate Vanities Instead of a Dual-Sink One

An additional way to achieve a Zen-like bathroom is by installing two vanities in place of a single double-sink one. Not only is this a unique approach to providing access to the bathroom for more than one person, but it also is highly attractive.

Add Luxurious Enhancements

Although most of these ideas are non-elaborate ones, it does not mean that you cannot use luxurious touches to enhance your bathroom. Potted plants and trees are prime examples of these enhancements.

Use Natural Colours

Look to nature for the colour palette that you should select shades from to decorate a bathroom with to achieve a calm atmosphere. Shades of brown, tan, sand, green and even certain blues fit into the natural palette of colours.

To learn additional bathroom design ideas that create a calm atmosphere, consult with Champagne Finish. We will skilfully and expertly create the ideal bathroom for you to relax in to forget your daily woes.

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