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A Custom-Made Outdoor Kitchen and Alfresco Area Can Increase Your Home Value

April 2, 2019

Since Australians love to enjoy the outdoors, you can add value to your house by installing a custom-made outdoor kitchen and alfresco area on your property. You can include numerous features in this type of area for less of an investment than an extension costs today, but it still provides you with additional living space. All of the area has to be durable and attractive, though, for you to receive a high return on your investment. Take note of the following information to accomplish optimal results with this project at your home.

Plan Your Design Wisely

List all the elements that you will need in the custom-made area for you to enjoy it completely with your family and friends. Even make a rough drawing of where you think each item should go in your backyard. Take this drawing with you when you go to hire a reputable contracting company to design, build and install it for you.

Install a Fully-Equipped Outdoor Kitchen

Any outdoor kitchen should be fully-equipped to ensure that it adds to your property value. Custom cabinetry that holds a grill, stove top, sink, refrigerator, and storage is doable in weather-resistant materials that will hold up through inclement weather durably.

Add Comfortable Seating

Cushy seating is a must for any alfresco area. There are plenty of choices that are suitable for outdoor use, and they range from wicker styles to bean bag ones. Chairs, lounges, tables and ottomans are examples of the furniture pieces that are useful in this outdoor room.

Include a Fire Pit or Fireplace When Possible

To enable you to use the custom-made outdoor kitchen and alfresco area all throughout the year, install a fire pit or fireplace when space allows. A fire will keep you toasty warm, so that you can still be outdoors when the weather cools.

A Pergola Will Provide a Bit of Shade to Your Outdoor Kitchen and Alfresco Area

Provide some shade in the heat of the spring and summer, by installing a pergola overhead. This can be designed to allow as much or as little of the sun’s rays to shine upon this area as you desire.

Use Stone or Other Durable Outdoor Flooring Material for a Base

Stone tiles, poured concrete, or timber decking are three examples of the materials that are suitable for outdoor rooms. Choose the one that best complements your house.

Do Not Omit Lighting

Last but certainly not least, add sufficient lighting to your customised outdoor kitchen and alfresco area to receive an optimal increase in your home’s value. Lighting can be as simple as torches or as elaborate as chandeliers depending upon your setup and style choices.

For additional details about how a custom-made outdoor kitchen and alfresco area can add to your home’s value, consult with Champagne Finish. We have the expertise to create one of these areas for your home that will be durable and attractive enough to increase your property value and to bring you a high return on your investment.

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